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                                   Python Developer

Company Name: 

15 000 - 19 000 PLN / month

Job type:
full time

Time Zone:

Must have:
Python / Django
Front end

That's fine:
Jenkins / CI


About yourself:

Software Experience running large software systems using microsystems
Strong background in at least one web application framework (Django, Flask, Node) including the use of ORM
. Relational and non-relational database with significant data modeling experience
Experience with JavaScript JavaScript / Angular / Vue.js / React
నిపుణ Expert with principles, design and implementation of leisure web services
In-depth knowledge of current certification and authorization schemes
Communication Strong communication skills and ability to articulate technical aspects
బలమైన Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Cloud Experience with public cloud services (eg AWS, GCP, Azure - AWS priority)
G is a relational database system experience such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
Experience with building unit testing as part of ongoing software development
Experience working in active development methodology and related tools
అనుభవం Experience with Unix, Git and other command line tools
పూర్తి Complete, written and oral in English
It looks good:
W AWS Experience with Kinesis, DynamoDB or MongoDB
చేసుకోవ Understand and use caching in large web applications and persistence layers
Experience integrating data visualization and palate or similar reporting tools
It is work performed through a GitHub account, personal web page or prior experience
Introduction to CI / CD tools (eg Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo)
Stream is familiar with streaming data storage solutions
బహుళ Multi-service authorization using single sign-on scheme
O IoT / Connected Car / Telematics Data Application

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